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A novel approach to Community Faculty Outreach: The Charles Drew University Health Sciences Library

The Director of the Charles Drew University Health Sciences Library will work with a segment of community faculty from Charles Drew University who are volunteer faculty and who provide the role of a mentor and researcher to the CDU students and the Watts/Willowbrook community. This group of faculty persons does not have access to the CDU Health Sciences Library resources and they have indicated the need to have access because they would like to publish their research. The goal of the project is to teach and promote the use of the National Library of Medicine resources; to develop a curriculum that will demonstrate the use of NLM?s resources; to introduce the use of LoansDoc as a way of obtaining articles and to discuss how the NLM?s resources can be used by community participants and other partners. The entire community faculty cohort works in the South Central Los Angeles and they have strong ties and are an integral part of the community. Their research involvement includes Healthy African American Families, Nutrition, AIDS/HIV, and Social Work. 1)Participants will demonstrate the use of at least one NLM database. 2)Participants will demonstrate the use the CDU Health Sciences Library resources to assist in the submission of a manuscript. 3)Participants will identify and discuss how they will disseminate NLM?s consumer health information.

Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science
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Academic Institution
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011 to Saturday, April 30, 2011
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Students - Health Professionals
Health Professionals - Physicians
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