National Network of Libraries of Medicine
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Funding is a key component of the RML program, greatly extending our efforts to reach target populations. Funded projects strive to improve access to health information for health professionals and health consumers and to promote the awareness and use of products and services available from the NLM and the NNLM.

Funding Opportunities

Title Amount/Application Deadline Description Funding Period/Status
Professional Development Awards (CLOSED) Up to $1,500 per award Supports Network member librarians to develop their skills and knowledge in health information access and delivery Closed
Outreach Mini-Awards Up to $2,000 per award Supports smaller projects (e.g., NLM traveling exhibition expenses; one-time technology improvement; one-day events such as a health fair, workshop, or community event) 05/01/2019 to 04/30/2020
NNLM All of Us Community Engagement Network Wash & Learn Initiative Award 34,921 NOTE: This award is currently pending.  Please check back for updated information. Pending
Express Outreach Awards (CLOSED) Up to $12,000 per award Supports Network member projects to improve information access for health professionals and the public Closed
All of Us Technology Improvement Award (CLOSED) Up to $10,000 per award Supports infrastructure that improves access to consumer health information in public libraries or other organizations Closed
All of Us Community Engagement Project Award (CLOSED) Up to $20,000 per award Supports projects that improve health information literacy, access to high-quality health information, and understanding of medical research Closed