Criteria for Resource Library Selection

The following criteria have been established for selection of Resource Libraries in the Pacific Southwest Region:

  1. Serve a medical school or other major health science educational program;
  2. Have a collection that will add significantly to the resources of the Region; and
  3. Have special expertise that can contribute to improving regional or national programs.

The special expertise a Resource Library brings to the Region might include areas such as unique understanding and/or relationships with disadvantaged groups, organizations, or the like; distance learning; advanced applications of technology to solving information access and delivery problems; digitization of information; commitment to the retention and preservation of print materials; library and information research, etc.

In addition, according to NLM policy, all Resource Libraries must agree to:

  1. Support DOCLINE libraries in the Region, participate fully in the DOCLINE system, and keep detailed library profile information up-to-date in the system;
  2. Contribute their institution's serial holdings data to DOCLINE and keep holdings current by updating them online;
  3. Provide health professionals and other Network libraries with access to journal articles, books, and audiovisuals in all formats via interlibrary lending or other legal resource sharing mechanisms;
  4. Adhere to Network performance standards for fill rate and throughput for interlibrary loan service;
  5. Participate in the Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFTS); and
  6. Participate selectively in a regional program for the retention and preservation of print serials and monographs in multiple U.S. locations.