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Technology Improvement: Virtual Reality for Health Professions Education

This project proposes to purchase 8 virtual reality (VR) headsets along with a portable charging dock to bring VR into classrooms where health information is being studied. Having this portable VR setup will meet a growing demand to have students use VR together to learn about issues such as bias, health information literacy, functions of the human body, and the on-demand use of counseling using VR. This VR equipment will provide more equitable access of such technologies to those in the health professions.
Identify any specific population(s) this project will serve: 
Identify roles of participants this project will serve: 
Educator, K-12
Library or information professional
Student, college & post-grad
Project Lead:
Doralyn Rossmann
Funding Source: 
Project Funding:
Federal Fiscal Year: 
Funding Amount: 
Funding Period:
Jan 6, 2020 to Sep 30, 2020
Project Status:
In Progress