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The Superwoman Project

“Mothers Matter” is Black Girl Health Foundation’s newest programming and has been developed to provide support to moms in every aspect of their lives, including: new motherhood, child mortality, parenting, mental and holistic health, marriage and relationships, leadership, and navigating the workforce. “Mothers Matter” is presenting a pilot titled “The Superwoman Project”, which is designed to help women of color cope with the needs and challenges of mothering in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The purpose of “The Superwoman Project” is to provide mothers of color with up-to-date and medically sound information related to the COVID-19 Pandemic, and tools and resources they need to counteract the biggest byproduct of being a mom in the time of Coronavirus: ‘Superwoman Syndrome’ — colloquially known as the ‘Strong Black Woman’; this trope paints black women as unbreakable pillars of strength who are bottomless wells of love and forgiveness, and remarkably dignified even in the face of poverty, abuse, racism, sexism, and now, disease. “The Superwoman Project” is an opportunity for African American mothers in the Houston, TX Metropolitan Area to learn how to cope with the added stresses of being a ‘Superwoman’ in an age of fear, loss, and uncertainty; and gain access to a trusted resource that will point them to regularly updated science-backed information about protocols, changes, and new developments amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic. This campaign will: - Improve health information access for patients, patrons, and the public, relating to COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2. - Provide access to health information in a way that is meaningful to the target population. - Increase awareness and utilization of NIH, NLM, and CDC as authoritative resources on COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2. - Provide resources relating to COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2. - Help combat health misinformation. Using approved NLM and NIH COVID-19 links and information, and additional NLM resources such as MedlinePlus.

Identify any specific population(s) this project will serve: 
Medically Underserved Areas/Populations
Behavioral/Social Determinants of Health
Maternal Health
African Americans or Black
Identify roles of participants this project will serve: 
General public
Project Lead:
Porcha Johnson
Funding Source: 
Project Funding:
Federal Fiscal Year: 
Funding Amount: 
Funding Period:
Nov 1, 2020 to Apr 30, 2021
Project Status:
In Progress