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Research & Data Engagement Award: AAHSL/NNLM Data Scholarships for Librarians

The Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries (AAHSL) will partner with the NNLM to offer data scholarships to AAHSL members to increase knowledge, skills and competencies through continuing education about data management in order to strengthen participation in data science learning about best practices for organizing, managing, visualizing and sharing data. Meetings, classes, or conferences held in the United States and Canada focusing on topics of data literacy, data management, data visualization, clinical research data, and data science are examples of the types of professional development opportunities eligible for these scholarship awards. Administrative staff at AAHSL headquarters, in partnership with AAHSL’s Research Services Committee and with the oversight approval of the AAHSL Board, will develop and administer the scholarship opportunity and promote it nationwide through the AAHSL community and the National Network of Libraries of Medicine. AAHSL will implement strategies for following up with scholars after the continuing education opportunities to support and advance their careers in data science and data management and furthering organizational efforts. A written report from each recipient will be required covering their professional development experience, lessons learned, and potential outcomes at their institution. AAHSL headquarters staff and the Research Services Committee also agrees to identify and coordinate one or more AAHSL library virtual consultations to one or more scholarship recipients based on anticipated learning outcomes and hoped for impacts from the classes, meetings or conferences related to new or improved data services at their institutions. The potential consultations would be coordinated with the library directors at the awardees AAHSL institution, or their new place of employment if appropriate. Data scholarships of up to $2000 will be available during Summer 2019 with an application period ending on September 1, 2019. Funding decisions and scholarships will be awarded by April 30, 2020. Payment will be made by AAHSL to the applicant.
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Library or information professional
Project Lead:
Louise S Miller
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Project Funding:
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Funding Period:
Jul 8, 2019 to Apr 30, 2020
Project Status:
In Progress