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RDM 324 GHRconnects Professional and Community Training

The Greater Hampton Roads Community Indicators Dashboard (GHRconnects) brings leadership and resources together to facilitate regional, data-driven decision making in Hampton Roads. As United Way of South Hampton Roads (UWSHR) receives local data from community-based organizations and collective impact initiatives, GHRconnects provides insight into the needs of these organizations and increases access to health statistics, resources, and research. By convening healthcare professionals and community organizations around local data, GHRconnects advocates for the vulnerable in our community and for the broader incorporation of data-driven decision making in the non-profit sector. The proposed GHRconnects expansion consists of a three-pronged approach that accelerates collaborative efforts around healthcare literacy and community health outcomes. The project provides the following services: 1) the incorporation of NNLM resources alongside local data and coalition work, uniting on-the-ground action with evidence-based healthcare resources; 2) a series of “Superuser” trainings requested by community health workers (CHWs) and healthcare professionals to assist them in the promotion of resources; and 3) the development and implementation of online trainings to support community members and professionals as they navigate online resources and local indicators. GHRconnects performed a community assessment with stakeholders and collaborative partners, leading to the creation of five Priority Areas on the site: Health, Economy, Education, Natural and Built Environment, and Social Environment. The Data Advisory Board, comprised of subject-matter experts, identified priorities through the creation of a strategic plan. This project will fund expansion of informational resources and allow for the development and implementation of trainings designed to increase access and use of medical information, with goals of improving health literacy in underserved populations.

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Public health professional
Project Lead:
Mary Miller
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May 1, 2019 to Apr 30, 2020
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