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Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Wellness Fest: a Community Health Fair

The 1st PCOM Wellness Fest is scheduled for September 22nd on the Philadelphia campus adjacent to our Healthcare Center. It is an effort to target millennials with a community health fair that is close to home. Millennial deaths from opioids in Philadelphia are rising and the fair will include addiction and treatment information chats. While literature suggests millennials avoid doctors, PCOM views this as an opportunity to offer its clinics as a choice for primary care. Free admission features innovative food trucks, healthy cooking demonstrations, chats and screenings, fitness demonstrations, games and entertainment. Attendees will be given a Wellness Map and asked to complete a registration form to capture NNLM required data. Attendees earn complimentary meal tickets by completing activities on the Wellness Map. Activities include: health chats and screenings; demos featuring NLM resources at the library health education kiosk staffed by librarians; 30-minute fitness classes. Screening areas and food truck counters will have NLM health information for distribution courtesy of library. Completed library kiosk visits will be marked on Wellness Maps. Librarians will be equipped with mobile devices to demonstrate NLM products. Based on the fair's success, a program will be held at PCOM's Georgia campus in FY 2020.
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General public
Health care provider
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PJ Grier Grier
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May 10, 2018 to Apr 30, 2019
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