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NLM ReDiReCT: Integrating NLM Resources into Disaster Preparedness and Response Cross-Disciplinary Training

The goal of NLM ReDiReCT (Integrating NLM Resources into Disaster Preparedness and Response Cross-Disciplinary Training) is to broadly disseminate information regarding availability and integration of NLM disaster-related resources and applications to Texas A&M University Health Sciences students, first-responders, and the community at large in the central Texas region. Using a train-the-trainer approach and student ambassador model, the project will focus on enhancing student and responder knowledge and utility of NLM Disaster related resources. A NLM Disaster Response portal or toolkit will be developed in concert with Texas A&M Medical Sciences Library. The training for these resources will be integrated into Texas A&M’s Disaster Week to be held in February 2020. This annual event trains approximately 500 students from across the health sciences including nursing, medicine, pharmacy, and public health to collaboratively respond to a disaster. Disaster Week and the activities leading up to the event provide a unique opportunity to reach a broad interdisciplinary group of future first responders. By developing a training focused on the availability, utility and application of the NLM resources and building a central resource or portal through Texas A&M Libraries, the students will be able to utilize and share the NLM disaster related resources in and across their respective professions.
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Educator, college & post-grad
Emergency preparedness and response
General public
Health care provider
Public health professional
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Linnae Hutchison
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Dec 1, 2019 to Apr 30, 2021
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In Progress