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Mobile Hotspots for stable Internet access (Pilot)

In the age of COVID-19, many PCOM students have had sudden lifestyle adjustments. For example, students' planned living arrangements have been disrupted, some resulting in reduced income sources, which affects the acquisition of basic necessities such as food, a stable Internet source, housing, and transportation. These disruptions contribute to heightened stress levels that ultimately affect students' learning. To help soften the pandemic’s blow in a small way, the Library proposes to (pilot) acquire and manage 11 pilot mobile hotspots, offering stable wireless Internet connectivity to financially disadvantaged students. For example, of the incoming class of osteopathic medicine, 77% are from Georgia and 11% of the class are from under represented populations. Note: Our partners distribute the hotspots only in packages of 11.
Identify any specific population(s) this project will serve: 
Medically Underserved Areas/Populations
African Americans or Black
Latino or Hispanic
Identify roles of participants this project will serve: 
Library or information professional
Student, college & post-grad
Project Lead:
PJ Grier Grier
Funding Source: 
Project Funding:
Federal Fiscal Year: 
Funding Amount: 
Funding Period:
Sep 1, 2020 to Apr 30, 2021
Project Status: