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Mental Health and Substance Use During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is disproportionately impacting vulnerable minority communities through its strain on social systems and burden on individuals. This burden is creating a significant and unmet need for mental illness and substance use disorder outreach and support. This campaign provides easily accessible, culturally appropriate information to vulnerable populations in the district through a multimedia campaign conducted through means compatible with social distancing guidelines. During May, June, July, and August of 2020, this campaign will work within predominantly minority communities to develop and disseminate relevant content centered around the themes of mental health and substance use during a pandemic. To reach new audiences in their homes, Grapevine Health will produce and market a video miniseries based on NLM materials primarily through organic social media connections. Additionally, to drive community interest and engagement, Grapevine Health will collaborate with subject matter experts and individuals who have personally struggled with addiction to create a series of varied podcast experiences. Audience engagement and retention will be driven through regular analysis and adjustment of outreach strategy based on community response, as well as in accordance with shifting COVID-19 guidelines. This project serves NLM’s mission by significantly increasing the access of underserved minority populations to culturally-appropriate and relevant health information. This campaign aims to inspire long-term behavioral changes by integrating into the daily routines of communities who will likely benefit from interactions with health care communications catered to their unique needs. Additionally, all content developed during this campaign will remain accessible online beyond the duration of the funding period and may be adapted for use in other communities.
Identify any specific population(s) this project will serve: 
Medically Underserved Areas/Populations
Behavioral/Social Determinants of Health
African Americans or Black
Identify roles of participants this project will serve: 
Community based organization staff
Data scientist
General public
Health care provider
Public health professional
Project Lead:
Lisa K Fitzpatrick
Funding Source: 
Project Funding:
Federal Fiscal Year: 
Funding Amount: 
Funding Period:
May 1, 2020 to Apr 30, 2021
Project Status: