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Library Project 8: Teaching Information Literacy and Evidence-Based Practice Skills to Graduate Nursing Students via Asynchronous Interactive Online Tutorials

Brenau University is introducing a new entry-level masters of science in nursing. Evidence-based practice, an essential element of providing high-quality healthcare, is a core concept of the curriculum. To learn evidence-based practice skills, students have to be explicitly taught how to locate, access, evaluate, and apply healthcare research information. This project will integrate these required information literacy skills into the new nursing curriculum through asynchronous, interactive online tutorials. The tutorials will work in tandem with assignments in evidence-based practice classes, mutually reinforcing course content and information literacy skills. This project will ensure that nursing graduates are literate in health information, leading to a general improvement in evidence-based practice in the Southeastern healthcare workforce. Completed tutorials and process for course integration will be made available to other programs serving healthcare students, increasing the impact beyond Brenau’s students.
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Health care provider
Student, college & post-grad
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Emily Thornton
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May 1, 2020 to Apr 30, 2021
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