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Interactive Health Information Kiosks in Richland County Libraries

The Interactive Health Information Kiosks in Richland County Libraries project will consist of four phases in order to establish and sustain the installment of interactive health information kiosks at Richland County’s local libraries, as well as educating the public on identifying relevant, accurate, and appropriate health research. The first phase of this project will be to obtain and install health information education kiosks at all 9 Richland County libraries. In addition to the kiosks, each library will be equipped with user education and instructional materials to accompany the kiosks. The second phase will consist of outreach to local health care settings, including primary care physicians and pharmacies, to educate and inform practices about the kiosks and programming at the libraries. Health care professionals will be given informational flyers to make available to their patients. The entire practice will be educated when possible, including non-physician team members. During this phase, library employees will also be educated and trained on the usage and importance of the kiosks. Phase three will be completed by educating the target audience of residents who live in rural areas. A series of workshops on health information and the kiosks will emphasize the importance of health information, personalized medicine, improve health literacy, and how to do health research on their own by utilizing NNLM resources. Through phase four, additional promotional materials about the kiosks will be distributed to further advertise the initiative. The allocation of these promotional materials will be disseminated through local health fairs, the blood pressure kit program Richland Public Health currently hosts at all 9 branches of the Richland County Libraries as well as current Richland County Library health programming and resources, and advertisements through Richland Public Health and Richland County Library websites, social media accounts, and local Richland County media outlets.

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General public
Health care provider
Library or information professional
Public health professional
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Julie Chaya
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Jun 1, 2018 to Apr 30, 2019
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