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Bioinformatics and Data Science Support for Regional Medical Libraries: a Needs Assessment and Webinar

Despite the fast-changing landscapes of teaching, research and patient care, libraries remain trusted repositories of knowledge that clinicians and scholars access and rely on especially in the electronic era. Libraries are key partners and help patrons find, interpret, manage and produce knowledge and increasingly libraries also provide support for non-traditional services like data analysis, a key component of research and publication in today’s world of big data. This is particularly true for biomedical sciences and, at the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library, we have found that there is an immense need and appreciation by clinicians and scientists for the bioinformatics data analysis support and computational data research skills that we provide. Here, we propose multiple ways in which we seek to share our knowledge of providing data analysis support at a medical library with our peers at other libraries and regional health sciences centers. Overarching project goals include (1) perform a needs assessment to determine the current state of bioinformatics services offered through academic and hospital libraries in the NE region, and (2) develop and offer a webinar that will offer an overview of national bioinformatics programs in libraries and initiate a conversation about establishing bioinformatics and data programs within libraries in the region. More detailed project goals and deliverables can be found under “Project Goals and Objectives.”

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Data resource or tool developer
Data scientist
Library or information professional
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Holly Grossetta Nardini
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May 1, 2020 to Apr 30, 2021
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