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Assessment Award: That's My Medicine: Empowering Seniors to Identify and Utilize Personalized Health Information Online

That’s My Medicine: Empowering Seniors to Identify and Utilize Personalized Health Information Online supports NLM’s missions to promote senior’s health literacy and knowledge of personalized medicine. As the general public becomes increasingly comfortable and dependent on online resources, it is necessary to ensure that pursuing online health information resources is both accurate and timely. Seniors are particularly vulnerable to polypharmacy, the use of multiple medications. Therefore, it becomes imperative to promote optimal medication use within this population through personalized medicine and to empower informed decision-making. By motivating seniors to identify and utilize quality health information, we can empower them to make more informed health-related decisions. Seniors will also develop an understanding and expectation that their pharmacotherapy will be tailored to their needs through advancements in personalized medicine such as pharmacogenomics. Likewise, NLM resources have recently faced cutbacks for important medication-related information including ToxNet and decreased updates for PillBox. Characterizing the clinical utility of these resources for the public is essential. Our proposal is a needs assessment to determine 1) the current comfort and skill level of seniors navigating NLM medication-related resources 2) knowledge and attitudes of seniors toward personalized medicine and 3) determine the opportunities and barriers of community librarians for offering medication-related services using open-access health resources. While our assessment is specifically geared participants greater than 65 years of age in Southern Idaho and will occur at local libraries and community centers, we believe the findings will be applicable to a larger, nationwide, “program in a box” for navigating open-access medication resources and educating the public on personalized medicine’s potential impact on optimizing their medication list.
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Library or information professional
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Rebecca Hoover
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Jan 15, 2020 to Jul 31, 2020
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In Progress