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Using Data to Improve Clinical Patient Outcomes

Resources Cited by Presenters

David C Kaelber, MD, PhD, MPH: Using Clinical Data to Improve Clinical Patient Outcomes – Case Studies from the MetroHealth System

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Christopher Longhurst, MD, MS: Evidence-based Medicine in the EMR Era: Bringing Big Data to the Bedside

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Nick Meo, MD: The Triple Aim at the Frontlines: Lessons from a VA Experience in Using Data to Drive Change

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Other Resources


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Health Information Exchange, AHRQ Evidence Report/Technology Assessment No. 220 (link is external)
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Using Big Data to Transform Care, Health Affairs, Volume 33, Issue 7 (link is external)
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Using Big Data to Make Wiser Medical Decisions (link is external)
John Halamka MD, Chief Information Officer at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, describes three uses of big data that have helped patients, including himself and his family.

How Successful Hospitals Start to Tackle Big Data Analytics (link is external)
This Health IT Analytics article explores lessons learned by institutions who are achieving positive results—improvement in patient care--through their big data analytics strategies.