National Network of Libraries of Medicine
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Who Are Network Members?

There are several types of libraries and organizations in the Pacific Northwest Region.

  1. Regional Medical Library - The University of Washington Health Sciences Library serves as the Regional Medical Library for the Pacific Nortwest Region. RML staff assists the National Library of Medicine in developing, marketing, and distributing its products and services and coordinates the operation of the regional network of libraries to carry out programs cooperatively. We also provide NLM with feedback on how information is being used, suggestions for improvements to existing products and services, and new ideas for products and services. In all of these areas, we strive to involve other Network members to design programs and support collaboration, resource sharing, and outreach to health professionals and the general public.
  2. Resource Libraries - The Resource Libraries in the Network are large academic libraries or lead institutions in a specialized area of medicine or health. Resource libraries play key roles in document delivery and resource sharing, and in developing and managing outreach programs. Resource Libraries typically provide a variety of services to communities outside of their primary clientele.
  3. Network Libraries - Libraries in the Network include hospital and consumer health libraries, academic libraries and other libraries that provide health information services, such as public, state, and tribal libraries.
  4. Community Organizations - Community-based organizations in the Network include local or regional organizations, agencies or groups that reach community members with health information service or programming. Examples are Indian Health Boards, parish nurse ministries, consumer health advocacy groups, community technology centers, public health clinics, and others.

Directory of NN/LM Network Members across the country

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