National Network of Libraries of Medicine
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Network Member Responsibilities

NN/LM Pacific Northwest Region staff is available to assist you in completing the New Member application as well as reviewing the data you have submitted. Your information will then be entered into the NN/LM Members Directory, the publicly-accessible national registry of Network members. If you have any questions about applying for Network membership in the NN/LM-PNR, please contact the Pacific Northwest Region Network Coordinator, Patricia Devine, or 206-543-8275.

Each Network member organization must agree to make the following contributions:

  • To designate an individual as the local contact person (the "NN/LM Liaison") for Network information/communications.
  • Be listed in the national registry of Network members. National registry information is available online through the DOCLINE system and through the publicly accessible NN/LM Members Directory.
  • To provide basic information on collections and services to NLM by keeping their DOCLINE Institutions record up-to-date, if appropriate to your organization.

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