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Project Reporting Toolkit

The following forms and links are intended to help recipients of NNLM PNR funding with their reporting obligations.

Progress Reporting


Interim Report Form

Project Awardees in the Pacific Northwest Region may be required to submit a Progress Report depending on the terms of their Statement of Work.

Progress Report Form


Final Report Forms

Project Awardees in the Pacific Northwest Region are required to submit a Final Report at the completion of their project.

Final Report Form


Training and Exhibit Reporting

All award recipients should use the appropriate forms for training sessions or exhibits conducted during the reporting period. These forms are due within 30 days after training sessions or exhibits take place.



Short Tutorials on Online Submission of Training/Activity Reports:

Video 1: Introduction (1m 40s)
Video 2: Starting an Activity Report (2m 34s)
Video 3: Activity Information (3m 31s)
Video 4: Participant Information (2m 14s)

Printable Forms:

Activity Report (AR) Form | AR Instructions
Participant Info Form | PI Instructions



Exhibit Report Forms


Technology Improvement Reporting

If you have received a sub-award from the NNLM that includes purchasing technology, complete this report by the end of your subaward period: Technology Report. You will need your NNLM ID for this form.


Professional Development Reporting

Recipients of Professional Development funding from the NNLM, please complete the following report after completion of your activity: Professional Development Award Report. You will need your NNLM ID for this form.


If you need assistance or have questions, you can reach your PNR staff contact at: (206) 543-8262 or