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Past Funded Projects

Title Description Amount
Professional Development: 2012 Partners in Emergency Preparedness

This conference offers the opportunity to gain the necessary information to develop response, recovery, and mitigation plans; create preparedness messaging to those you serve; and gain valuable ins

Professional Development: 7th Intl Integrated Pest Mgmt Symposium

Network member from Natl Pesticide Information Center attended symposium sessions addressing Integrated Pest Management across disciplines.

Professional Development: Western Migrant Stream Forum

Network member attending Western Migrant Stream Forum in Vancouver WA and co-exhibiting with Ann Madhavan from NN/LM PNR, as professional development activity.

Subcontract: Education and Outreach Regarding Understanding Maternal Health Literacy and Maternal He

This educational and outreach project informs the National Library of Medicine (NLM) and the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) about maternal health literacy and maternal health-rel

Technology Improvement: Health Education Center

High Desert Medical Center and Harney District Hospital will establish a Health Education Library/Center to offer patients, families, and the general public a place to access and research accurate

Technology Improvement: Resource Access Enhancement

The Grotto Library will replace old kiosk style computers (year 2002) to offer functional use of: ? The NLM?s Visible Human Project data for personal knowledge and curriculum uses ? Display of mode

Technology Improvement: Scholarly Communications Lab

The goal of the project is to improve the shared, scholarly collaboration lab used by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center researchers.

Technology Improvement: Tablet Mania Part II

This project expands the mobile device program piloted with a previous award.

Title Description Amount
CARE Exhibit Award

University of Washington Health Sciences Library staff will exhibit NLM resources to patients and health care providers at a one-day free clinic held in Tacoma, Washington, sponsored by the Washing

Community Day: Community Preparedness Day and Disaster Kit

Homer Public Library will partner with local agencies and community organizations to hold Community Preparedness Day and Disaster Kit with information specific to emergency preparedness and plannin

Disaster Health Info Outreach: MEDICOR Disaster Health Info Portal

The Spokane Medical Library will develop a separate portal within its Web-based MEDICOR electronic library system.

Exhibit: Oregon Rural Health Conference

Demonstration of NLM resources at Oregon Rural Health Conference to doctors, nurses, PAs, public health personnel, health administrators who work with rural health populations.

Exhibit: Spring into Health

Health fair for Eritrean community of Puget Sound (200-300 people): poster displays, printed health info, demonstrations of health info website searching, screenings.

Exhibit: Spring into Health 2012

Health fair for Eritrean community of Puget Sound (200-300 people): poster displays, printed health info, demos of health info website searching, screenings.

Express Outreach: EthnoMed-Healthy Roads Media Cancer Education Project

The project will engage bilingual/bicultural hospital staff - Caseworker / Cultural Mediators (CCMs) in the Community House Calls Program at Harborview Medical Center - and members of their ethnic

Express Outreach: Improving Health Literacy and Personal Health Management of Inmates

The goal of this project is to improve the health literacy, self-care management skills and personal health care decision-making of inmates incarcerated at the Gallatin County Detention Center (GCD

Express Outreach: Relaxation & Education Stations

The goal of the project, Relaxation & Education Stations, will be to improve awareness of The Learning Center?s services and impact on consumer health and patient care by providing high quality

Health Info Services Promotion: A Library Supported Magnet Journey

As Willamette Falls Medical Center works towards achieving Magnet recognition, the Health Sciences Library will target nursing departments and educate nurses about library resources to support them

Health Info Services Promotion: Collaboration Fosters Success

The University of Washington (UW) Health Sciences Library (HSL) will use the funds to work with UW Creative to develop a promotional/branding campaign around the theme of collaboration to encourage

Health Information Services Promotion:

This project supports development of a promotional campaign for EthnoMed that will include: launching a new listserv feature on the website inviting users to receive email notification of new conte



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