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Past Funded Projects

Title Description Amount
Express Outreach: Improving Health Literacy and Personal Health Management of Inmates

The goal of this project is to improve the health literacy, self-care management skills and personal health care decision-making of inmates incarcerated at the Gallatin County Detention Center (GCD

Express Outreach: Relaxation & Education Stations

The goal of the project, Relaxation & Education Stations, will be to improve awareness of The Learning Center?s services and impact on consumer health and patient care by providing high quality

Health Info Services Promotion: Collaboration Fosters Success: Partnering with the Health Sciences L

The University of Washington (UW) Health Sciences Library (HSL) will publicize and hold an open house for the UW community and the greater Seattle health sciences community showcasing HSL health in

Health Information Services Promotion:

This project supports development of a promotional campaign for EthnoMed that will include: launching a new listserv feature on the website inviting users to receive email notification of new conte

Medical Library Pilot Project: Eagle-I Integration

The goal of the project is to connect the services of the Arnold Library?s Shared Resources website database with Eagle-I, a national directory of shared biomedical services and resources hosted by

Medical Library Pilot Project: Evidence on Tablets: The ET Trial

This pilot project will assess whether a tablet computer-based mobilized website can effectively improve the use and teaching of evidence-based medicine (EBM) by Department of Medicine faculty atte

Medical Library Pilot Project: Point-of-Care CME

The goal of the project is to use library and other resources to create self-directed online learning Point-of-Care Continuing Medical Education (CME) on clinically relevant topics integrated into

Medical Library Pilot Project: Research and Evidence Literacy in Medicine (RELM)

The goal of the project is to create an online continuing medical education (CME) designed to develop research literacy skills through participants correctly applying evidence-based medicine inform

MOU for Health Information Resources Development

This MOU is designed to provide NLM funding via the NN/LM PNR contract, to NWIC, with a primary objective to improve the tribal college health information resources available to students, teachers,

MOU for Oregon Outreach OY1

To determine the needs and appropriate workshop topics, OHSU will conduct planning sessions with their community college and public library contacts in Oregon.

MOU for Promoting Emerging Roles of Medical Librarians

New information technologies and related applications are constantly emerging in the fields of library and information science, communications, biomedical research and health care.

MOU for Promotion, Training and Collaboration

Montana State University Libraries - Bozeman, will carry out promotion, training and collaboration activities for a 24-month period.

MOU: Promoting Health Literacy with NLM Resources via Video Tutorials

The goal of this project is to develop and pilot training videos for home visitors and others with limited time and resources for training.

National Outreach Mapping Center (NOMC)

Provide technical support, data collection, and analysis to ensure the effective distribution of outreach services by the NLM and the National Network of Libraries of Medicine.

Planning/Assessment: Emergency Preparedness

Future Foundation International believes that in disaster, education and training is the cornerstone of true preparedness.

Planning/Assessment: Evidence-Based Management Among Idaho Healthcare Administrators

The goal of the project is to develop a research project that helps to identify hospital administrator beliefs and attitudes toward the use of evidence-based management (EBMgt) and to investigate b

Planning/Assessment: First Steps in Assessing OR Pub Health Prof Needs

To learn more about Oregon public health professionals and their specific health information needs, Oregon Health and Science University will conduct preliminary assessment to inventory and better

Planning/Assessment: HEALTHREACH: Mobile Health LiteracyAccess Pilot Project

To improve consumer health literacy in Whitman county, Pullman Regional Hospital Library envisions a collaborative project to promote access to credible health information resources through interac

Professional Development MLA 2012 CE/Cataloging with RDA

Awardee librarian's library specializes in CAM and comprises non-mainstream resources - indexing is poor making cataloging difficult.

Professional Development MLA 2012 CE/Redesigning Libraries

Award recipient will use information from this course to inform her participation on her organization's committee to look at Oregon health science libraries and how they can be re-visioned.



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