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Past Funded Projects

Title Description Amount
Professional Development: Residency Curriculum Resource

Award funds would provide faculty one-year access (subscription) to The Family Medicine Residency Curriculum Resource (RCR), an online library which houses more than 70 peer-reviewed, case-based pr

Regional Symposium: Pacific Northwest Research and Data Forum

The Pacific Northwest Research and Data Forum will bring together researchers, librarians and information specialists from Washington, Oregon, Idaho and northern California to share their work in t

Regional Symposium: Regional Symposium on Biomedical Science Curriculum

The goal of the Regional Symposium on Biomedical Science Curriculum is to bring together all of the secondary biomedical science teachers from across the state of Montana to learn more about: ?

Subcontract: Outreach in the Last Frontier OY4

The Alaska Medical Library of the University of Alaska Anchorage seeks to improve the quality of life and health for the citizens of the state by providing information outreach services to the heal

Technology Improvement: AcuTrials: Enhancing Access to Acupuncture Research

The goal of this project is improve access to research literature on Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. This will be accomplished by replacing the current system behind AcuTrials with RefBase.

Technology Improvement: Bilingual Patient Education

The project goal is to provide the tools necessary for the Cascade Medical Clinic physicians and mid-level providers to create personalized libraries of patient education materials to meet the uniq

Technology Improvement: Equal Access to Health Information

The project goal is to teach linguistically, culturally, and racially diverse parents of children with disabilities and special healthcare needs who have limited English proficiency or low English

Technology Improvement: Expanding Educational Opportunities

The Northwest Regional Primary Care Association (NWRPCA) will improve educational capabilities in both face-to-face settings and distance learning modalities by 1) replacing or upgrading outdated p

Technology Improvement: Expanding Legacy Health?s Info Literacy Training Program

The goal of this project is to increase Legacy health care providers awareness of and skill using the library?s available information resources and tools.

Technology Improvement: Improving Digital Literacy for Underserved Families

The project's goal is to improve Parent to Parent's outreach and capacity to support families through home visits in Whatcom County, specifically in the Latino community, and to assist pa

Technology Improvement: Instructional Technology Upgrade

Eleven Providence Health & Services and Swedish Health libraries reorganized at the end of 2014 to provide a system-wide library service.

Technology Improvement: One-Stop Online Health Care Directory

The goal of this project is to create a directory of links to health information for East African immigrants.

Title Description Amount
Exhibit: Dental Village Outreach Project

The Hilltop Healthy Kids & Family Carnival brings together community partners once a year to promote healthy lifestyle changes to at- risk urban youth and families in the Hilltop community of T

Express Outreach: Alaska Health Education Library Project

The goal of this project is to increase Alaska?s prevention and health promotion capacity for evidence-based and outcome-based programming and evaluation by increasing the prevention and promotion

Express Outreach: Environmental Health Connection for Rural Oregon Schools, Phase 2

The goal of this project is to engage middle school students in greater awareness of their environmental surroundings and to encourage students to become engaged in scientific inquiry and explore c

Express Outreach: Equipping Peer Language Navigators for Outreach in Anchorage, Alaska Communities

The goal of this project is to increase the number of Peer Language Navigators who are equipped with the knowledge of and ability to access and use high quality consumer health information.

Express Outreach: Health Insurance 101: Outreach to Somali Community in King County

The goal of this project is to mobilize and engage with Somali refugees and immigrants in King County, WA surrounding access to health insurance.

Express Outreach: Outreach Training Program on Evidence-based Mgmt for Healthcare Administrators in Idaho

The goal of this project is to provide an Evidence-based Management (EBMgt) educational training program to healthcare administrators in Idaho for them to gain knowledge of EBMgt, to improve their

Express Outreach: Promoting Health Insurance and Enrollment Literacy with Inmates

The goal of this project is to engage, educate and prepare inmates to enroll in health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) upon release from the Gallatin County Detention Center.

Health Disparities Info Outreach: Increasing Health Disparity and Resource Awareness Utilizing Teatro Milagro

Tuality Healthcare's Cultural Diversity Taskforce proposes to collaborate with Teatro Milagro to bring a unique theater-based interactive presentation to create dialog and foster self-reflecti



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