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Past Funded Projects

Title Description Amount
X-plain Vietnamese Breast Cancer Tutorial Project

Collaboration with PEI to produce a Vietnamese version of X-plain breast cancer module a prototype for interactive tutorials for immigrant patient populations.

Title Description Amount
Cross Cultural Health Care Resource Center (Seattle WA)

Promotion of resource center collection and services; training for health care providers, students, consultants and community service agency personnel.

Finding It on the Internet:Health Access for Elders (OHSU Portland OR)

Collaboration to involve elders in producing a Web page of immediate local use with links to established health sites and original content written by nursing faculty; training and usability studies

Idaho Hospital Assn, Exhibit mini-award

Kootenai Medical Center librarians will exhibit at Idaho Hospital Assn meeting in Sun Valley and demonstrate NLM resources.

National Outreach Mapping Center (NOMC)

Provide technical support, data collection, and analysis to ensure the effective distribution of outreach services by the NLM and the National Network of Libraries of Medicine.

Outreach Evaluation Resource Center (OERC Seattle WA)

CE activities consultation and support for planning and evaluation of outreach projects.

Pacific Northwest Region

RML Contract

SW Oregon Cyber Health Camp (SW Oregon AHEC Roseburg OR)

Development of an interactive Web-based cyber camp to help high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds learn about rural healthcare careers, employment opportunities, scholarships etc.

Training for Professionals Serving Children with Special Needs, Mini-award (Seattle, WA)

Training sessions in Kennewick and Spokane to develop basic Web searching skills for families, patients and professionals serving special needs children.

Tribal Connections 3: Nez Perce Tribe

Develop and conduct training on accessing electronic health information; support and participate in health promotion activities; and provide analysis and advice regarding telecommunications and inf

Western Migrant Stream exhibit, mini-award

WSU librarians will exhibit at the Western Migrant Stream Forum in Sacramento and demonstrate NLM resources. Rural and Hispanic focus.



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