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Past Funded Projects

Title Description Amount
Technology Improvement: Health Education Center

High Desert Medical Center and Harney District Hospital will establish a Health Education Library/Center to offer patients, families, and the general public a place to access and research accurate

Technology Improvement: Initiating Odyssey Interlibrary Loan Delivery

The goals of this project are to enable delivery of materials using Odyssey, to libraries which use it.

Technology Improvement: MEDICOR Mirrored Proxy Server

The MEDICOR project (http://spcmsmedicor.org) is an innovative, Web-based electronic medical library system under continuous development by physicians, educato

Technology Improvement: Online Hispanic Health Information Outreach

The goal of this project is to provide access and training for families in Franklin & Benton County regarding online medical resources in Spanish for adults and families with children with disa

Technology Improvement: Outreach to Peer Language Navigators in Anchorage

Purchase 4 tablet computers to allow selected Peer Language Navigators to share NLM resources such as Pubmed, Medline and Arctic Health with the limited-English Anchorage community to promote healt

Technology Improvement: Resource Access Enhancement

The Grotto Library will replace old kiosk style computers (year 2002) to offer functional use of: ? The NLM?s Visible Human Project data for personal knowledge and curriculum uses ?

Technology Improvement: Tablet Mania Part II

This project expands the mobile device program piloted with a previous award.

Technology Improvement: Tablet Mania: A Multipurpose Mobile Device Strategy

University of Washington Health Sciences Libraries (UW HSL) will launch a pilot mobile device strategy in order to address some pressing service needs.

Title Description Amount
African American Health Information Outreach

African Americans Reach and Teach Health (AARTH) Ministry and its partner, the Seattle African HIV/AIDS Initiative (SAHI) Coalition will implement the African Health Information Outreach (AHIO) pro

African Community Intergenerational Health Communication and Information Project

This project will enhance African refugee and immigrant youth and community members? access to and use of NLM and related health resources and information.

Building Bridges: Greater Portland Area Alliance for Response Forum

Using the model created by Heritage Preservation?s Alliance for Response, this project will be an all-day forum for regional library, archives and other cultural institutional staff and emergency r

Community Day: Community Preparedness Day and Disaster Kit

Homer Public Library will partner with local agencies and community organizations to hold Community Preparedness Day and Disaster Kit with information specific to emergency preparedness and plannin

Community Health Worker Outreach and Training Program

The purpose of this project is to address the stated goals by developing a community health worker (CHW) training curriculum for hands-on and webinar classes, that will be piloted in Oregon and Was

Connecting Youth to Quality Health Information

This project aims to increase high school students' ability to access and evaluate quality health information by providing a lesson plan that promotes linkages between Washington???s health an

Enhancing Health Literacy of Rural Seniors

The overall goal of this project is to improve the health literacy of rural seniors so that they can make well-informed health care decisions, better manage their own self-care, and enhance their o

Exploring Digital Patient Education

This project will build upon previous work of Healthy Roads Media to both build a free digital multilingual health information resource collection and to better understand how these tools can be ef

Express Outreach: EthnoMed-Healthy Roads Media Cancer Education Project

The project will engage bilingual/bicultural hospital staff - Caseworker / Cultural Mediators (CCMs) in the Community House Calls Program at Harborview Medical Center - and members of their ethnic

Express Outreach: Relaxation & Education Stations

The goal of the project, Relaxation & Education Stations, will be to improve awareness of The Learning Center?s services and impact on consumer health and patient care by providing high quality

Health Info Services Promotion: Collaboration Fosters Success

The University of Washington (UW) Health Sciences Library (HSL) will use the funds to work with UW Creative to develop a promotional/branding campaign around the theme of collaboration to encourage

Health Information Literacy Partnership: Oregon Physician Assistants and the OHSU Library

The goal of this project is to enable Oregon?s physician assistants (PAs) to improve awareness and use of reliable health information resources .



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