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Health Sciences Library Partnership: Planning for Success: The Impact of Data Management Plans on Grant Awards and Grant-Funded Research

Funding agencies such as National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health are increasingly requiring data management plans (DMPs) in grant proposals. In response to these funding agency mandates, academic libraries are increasingly providing data management services to university researchers. A better understanding of the impact of DMPs on grant awards and grant-funded research will enhance library data services for academic researchers, promote data stewardship and data sharing, and could potentially increase researchers' competitiveness for grant awards. This project aims to understand: * The common elements of funded DPMs, including DMPs from researchers in health sciences. * How researchers use data management plans during and after the research process, including how data management plans support data stewardship and data publication. The proposed study will analyze 200 DMPs from NIH and NSF grant applications, and then conduct 20 follow-up interviews of researchers from funded projects, selected from among the authors of the 200 analyzed DMPs. This research will ultimately result in a DMP toolkit for health sciences researchers. The toolkit will be shared with the broader library community through conference presentations and publications. By analyzing DMPs and data management practices across disciplines, the proposed study aims to apply a cross-disciplinary perspective in order to build better health sciences data management practices. By building a better understanding of DMPs' impact on grant awards and grant-funded research, this project will help health sciences libraries build stronger data services and promote the value of those services to relevant stakeholders, ultimately facilitating better data management and sharing practices for health sciences researchers.

Montana State University-Bozeman
Renne Library
Organization Type:
Academic Institution
Funded Dates: 
Monday, May 1, 2017 to Monday, April 30, 2018
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Librarians - Health Science
Health Professionals - Health Services Researchers
Health Professionals - Nurses
Health Professionals - Public Health Workforce
Students - College
Scientists - Biomed/Genetics/Biotech
Scientists - Chemistry/Toxicology/Environment
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