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Professional Development: FORCE2015

Attend FORCE2015: Research Communication & e-Scholarship Conference. Organized by FORCE11, FORCE2015 is a conference focused on examining the scholarly and research communication ecosystem, with an emphasis on leveraging technology to broaden access to knowledge, facilitate reproducibility, and extend the potential re-use of scientific information. The OHSU Library is invested in and contributing to these aims. Specifically, I am leading a university-wide task force to understand the needs and best practices for managing and publishing bioimaging data, with the goal of creating a Library managed solution for OHSU students, faculty, and researchers. Our plan must address: ? Compliance with funder and journal mandates ? Downstream understanding and re-use ? Attribution and scientific impact ? Data preservation FORCE15 will give me the opportunity to engage with people, content, and expertise focused on these issues. I believe the experience will help us build a successful data publication service, one that increases the impact of the underlying science and accelerates the translation to human health. I have also been invited to lead a workshop at FORCE15 aimed at articulating the common goals that distinct, but affiliated communities have for scholarly communication (e.g. libraries, scientists, humanists, funders, and publishers). It is important to the OHSU Library to maintain a current and in-depth understanding of the motivations that influence how scientific knowledge is shared and endorsed. This workshop and my participation will inform that understanding. Finally, the OHSU Library will be hosting the next year?s FORCE conference in Portland. Attending FORCE2015 will help us convene a successful event in 2016.

Oregon Health & Science University at Portland
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Academic Institution
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Monday, January 12, 2015 to Tuesday, January 13, 2015
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Librarians - Health Science
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