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Exhibit: Dental Village Outreach Project Feb 2015

The Hilltop Healthy Kids & Family Carnival brings together community partners once a year to promote healthy lifestyle changes to at- risk urban youth and families in the Hilltop community of Tacoma, Washington. Tacoma is a designated empowerment zone of Washington State because of its high crime, poverty and school dropout rates. The focus of the carnival is to promote 4 simple pillars of health tochildren and their families which include: dental/medical health, nutrition, fitness and mind/emotional health. Since 2010 this has been an annual event at the People?s Community Center after Schools Program which usually attracts 300 plus children/families. Our goal in February 2015 is to celebrate National Children?s Dental Health Month, National Heart Health Month, Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, Black History Month and healthy life stylechanges through our custom designed t-shirt, booth games, juice bar, food bank and public service announcements.At the registration booth, a carnival passport book is issued to each child/ adult attending the event requiring them to visit each booth where they will play a game, participate in an activity and/ or receive health information to earn a stamp. Free custom designed carnival t- shirts are given to participants that turn in stamped passport books. The dental booth activity to earn a stamp for participants will be to observe or directly learn how to use MedllinePlus to research a dental topic via laptop or smartphone. Also participants will be given MedlinePlus handout material. DVOP dental team will be providing free oral screenings, dental cleanings, and oral health education. DVOP dental team will give hands on training on how to use MedlinePlus to research dental related topics via laptop and/ or smartphones.

Children's International Health Relief
Organization Type:
Community Based
Public Health Organization
Funded Dates: 
Friday, February 13, 2015 to Saturday, February 14, 2015
Funding Amount: 
Consumers - General Public
African Americans
Inner city