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Technology Improvement: Bilingual Patient Education

The project goal is to provide the tools necessary for the Cascade Medical Clinic physicians and mid-level providers to create personalized libraries of patient education materials to meet the unique needs of their individual patient panels. These libraries will be stored on mobile tablets assigned to each provider and consist of access to professional video education available in both Spanish and English on over 150 health topics. In addition, the medical providers will be trained to access internet sources of patient education materials and store them on the mobile tablet for quick retrieval during a patient visit. Currently, providers at Cascade Medical are limited to printed handouts for patient education. These handouts are generally provided at the end of the patient visit to be taken home and reviewed. While this might be suitable for a small portion of the population, most patients would benefit from education in a technological format that is more engaging and can be delivered during a clinic visit allowing for an opportunity for question and answer with the provider. The use of mobile tablets and access to professional video patient education made available during clinic visits will increase exposure to educational materials for patients and may translate into improved understanding of medical conditions and compliance with recommended courses of treatment.

Cascade Medical
Organization Type:
Clinic/Other Health Care
Funded Dates: 
Friday, May 1, 2015 to Saturday, April 30, 2016
Funding Amount: 
Health Professionals - All Types