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Health Disparities Info Outreach: Increasing Health Disparity and Resource Awareness Utilizing Teatro Milagro

Tuality Healthcare's Cultural Diversity Taskforce proposes to collaborate with Teatro Milagro to bring a unique theater-based interactive presentation to create dialog and foster self-reflection in the areas of cultural diversity and health disparities. Vignettes will be used to demonstrate sources of disparity and possible sources of resources and resolution. The one-hour presentations will be designed jointly by Tuality and Teatro Milagro to address Tuality's specific situation. An additional Diversity experience will be provided by a medical ethicist discussing issues of providing health care to a diverse community. Copies of a quick reference nursing guidebook to serving diverse populations will be made available for Tuality clinics and departments. The goals of the project are to: Increase awareness of health disparities in Western Washington County (Tuality Healthcare's service area); increase awareness of available resources to help address health and cultural disparity issues at Tuality Healthcare; and to improve the level of understanding between staff and clients of different cultural backgrounds. Library staff will work with partner organization Teatro Milagro to develop customized training for staff at Tuality Healthcare. Workshops will be 1-2 hours in length, and utilize education and role-playing techniques to promote awareness and self-reflection. An addition event carrying Continuing Medical Education credit is planned with a bioethicist speaker to offer guidance on providing equitable healthcare. Staff will also make available to clinics and departments a nursing reference guidebook for serving diverse populations. Expected outcomes include training 100 employees who will then participate in evaluations to measure readiness to adopt change in response to health disparities and an overall cultural shift at Tuality Healthcare.

Tuality Healthcare
Health Sciences Library
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Thursday, May 1, 2014 to Thursday, April 30, 2015
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Librarians - Health Science
Health Professionals - All Types
Disaster & Emergency Professionals/Responders
Health Administrators