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Planning/Assessment: First Steps in Assessing OR Pub Health Prof Needs

To learn more about Oregon public health professionals and their specific health information needs, Oregon Health and Science University will conduct preliminary assessment to inventory and better understand the community?s resources and assets. Partners involved with this assessment activity include Oregon Public Health Division, Oregon?s Council of Local Public Health Officials, and the Oregon Public Health Association. The PNR Network member will develop assessment questions to gather data, create an interview guide, conduct interviews and process and analyze the assessment results. A final report will be shared with PNR. Expected outcomes of the project will be the interview guide, the assessment results and a final report, potentially identifying strategies to support next steps with the partners to support future measures such as an online survey for a broader audience and best ways to provide health information outreach opportunities.

Oregon Health & Science University at Portland
Not Applicable
Organization Type:
Academic Institution
Funded Dates: 
Wednesday, May 1, 2013 to Saturday, November 2, 2013
Funding Amount: 
Health Professionals - Public Health Workforce