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Professional Development: Advanced XML Conference March 2013 Washington DC

Attending course: Advanced XML: Further Adventures with XSLT. Applicant statement: This training course provides information professionals in the academic library world in the use of XML and XSLT specifically with regard to digital collections. XML is a language similar to HTML that focuses on the information contained within a file whereas HTML is primarily focused on the web display of the information in a file. XSLT is the XML language that enables transformation of the information contained in XML files for re-use and allows for the sharing of information digitally. One of the strategic directions of the UW Libraries is to support user needs with regard to research and scholarship. This includes providing a means for archiving collections such that the collections are findable and accessible by others. The UW Health Sciences Library is interested in supporting our users in a similar manner whether the collections be images, documents, or data. XML and XSLT offer the means to manage these digital collections.

University of Washington
Not Applicable
Organization Type:
Health Sciences Library
Funded Dates: 
Monday, March 25, 2013 to Wednesday, March 27, 2013
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Students - Health Professionals
Librarians - Health Science
Health Professionals - Health Services Researchers
Not Applicable