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Building Capacity for Quality Health Information in School Communities

The Coordinated School Health (CSH) model, developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, provides a structure for integrating health across eight components of school life in order to assure that children are healthy and ready to learn. In Washington State, the Healthy Schools, Successful Students website is an important, accessible and comprehensive vehicle for providing tools, information and support to all individuals involved in CSH. The web site has been developed, pre-tested, evaluated and managed by the Center for Public Health Nutrition (CPHN) and currently receives over 2,300 visits per month. Website links will target the leading adolescent health behaviors contributing to death and disability: physical inactivity; poor nutrition; tobacco use; sexual risk taking; alcohol and other drug use and injury and violence. This project proposes to promote MedlinePlus through the Healthy Schools website and workshops to provide health professionals, administrators, librarians, health educators, and other stakeholders working with K-12 schools throughout the state with increased access to quality health information. Workshops will be conducted at a minimum of four conferences and visits to two or three school districts. Proposals for workshops will be submitted for the Washington Library Media Association in October 2008 in Portland, Oregon; and the Washington Joint Conference on Health in October 2008 in Yakima. This project targets school nurses, school librarians and health educators in school districts throughout the state. Due to the nature of their work, these professionals can individually benefit from the tools and information, disseminate the information to impact Washington?s 1.1 million school age children and promote awareness and use of MedlinePlus to colleagues, community members, other health professionals, parents and students.

Center for Public Health Nutrition
University of Washington
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Thursday, May 1, 2008 to Thursday, April 30, 2009
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