Funding Opportunities and Resources

PNR Awards 2016 - 2021

Each year, the PNR funds subcontracts and awards to support network members and encourage outreach activities aligned with the NN/LM mission.

Available Awards



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Health Sciences Library Partnership To build partnerships by libraries that demonstrate engagement in research and data through the sharing of expertise and resources. Up to $9,500 ASAP No later than December 9, 2016
Technology Improvement

To enhance the capacity of a library or community organization to offer electronic health information services to underserved audiences by supporting the purchase, installation, and/or upgrading of hardware and software.

Up to $5,000 ASAP No later than December 9, 2016
Community Health Outreach NEW!  To support local, state or regional outreach projects with aims to improve access and use of quality online health information for informed decisions about health in underserved communities --including, but not limited to racial, ethnic and sexual minorities, rural, and other medically underserved populations Up to $12,000


No later than December 9, 2016
Professional Development To enable individuals at member institutions to expand professional knowledge through continuing education to provide state of the art services to healthcare providers and/or consumers seeking health information. Up to $2,000 N/A Anytime, but invoice for reimbursement must be submitted by April 1, 2017

PNR Projects Funded 2006 - 2011

PNR Projects Funded 2011 - 2016

Grants and Support from the National Library of Medicine

See abstracts of grants and contracts awarded in the Pacific Northwest by any NIH Institute in the NIH RePORTER (Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tool), which replaced the CRISP database October 31, 2009.