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Mobile devices and health information

Yesterday the Pew Internet & American Life Project released their report on the current intersection of mobile phones and health information.  The data in the report came from a survey of just over 3000 individuals conducted over August and September of this year.  Read on for what I considered to be some of the most interesting tidbits in the report.

Pew found that since the survey had last been conducted, two years ago, that the number of people using a mobile device to access health information had almost doubled – from 17 to 31% of cell phone users.  When type of cell phone was limited to smartphone users only, unsurprisingly the percentage of people reporting looking for health information from their device jumped to 52%.  Interestingly, in terms of using apps on a smartphone, survey responses indicated that one in five smartphone users had actively downloaded an app to their device.  Of those individuals, only 19% reported that they had downloaded an health related app.  The most frequently reported type of health app downloaded had to do with monitoring and tracking diet, exercise and/or weight.  The full report includes full text responses from users describing what health apps they downloaded, on page 14.

Link to the full report:

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