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Twitter Roundup August 20 to 24

August 20

Montana ranks 50th in immunization coverage

EHR and population health – The IHS model for success

August 21

Medical students’ training in EHRs inadequate

Docs using EHRs often overlook signs of depression

August 22

NQF endorses healthcare disparities and cultural competency measures

Online health information finally clicks

How to find the best health info online 

Evaluating health information, from MedlinePlus

Population health management – Will we get there

August 23

Digital-social health has potential to transform patients from passengers to responsible drivers of their health

The next big challenge for Health IT: comparative effectiveness research

August 24

Cattle and humans share infertility problem. Washington State University investigates

New mobile app from NIH helps women learn about their health in 52 weeks

Info for older drivers is newest topic on NIHSeniorHealth site

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