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DOCLINE Reason Codes

Wonder why your request came back unfilled? Sometimes, things happen without a reason. But in DOCLINE, there is always a reason!  There are three types of reasons for a request to route on to another library, or discontinue routing and retire:

  1. Routing Reasons are system generated during the routing process.
  2. Removal Reasons are system generated in Time Triggered actions.
  3. Reasons are chosen by a potential lender as a reason for not filling a request. 

 Here is more detail on each type:

Routing Reasons:

  • Prefixed – The request was prefixed (sent directly) to this institution by the borrowing library.
  • Cells 1-9 – The request routed to the institution based upon its cell position (1-9) in the borrower’s Routing Table.
  • Resource – The request routed to a resource library based on the borrower’s checkbox for “Refer to Resource libraries” on the Routing Instructions page.
  • NLM – Request routed to NLM based on borrower’s Routing Instructions. Requests route to NLM when “Route to NLM” is selected.
  • Refer On – Based upon the Routing Instructions, the request routed to the institution as part of “Refer On After NLM.” The “Refer On After NLM” checkbox offers the option to have a request routinely route to an additional 20 libraries if NLM cannot fill it or if the borrower selected “Never Route to NLM,” in the NLM Delivery Method.
  • M/A/N Map – The request routed to this lender based on the borrower’s monograph, audiovisual, non-SERHOLD map (M/A/N Map) values in the Routing Instructions.

Removal Reasons:

  • Not acted upon – DOCLINE rerouted the request after 3 days because the lender did not take action after “receipting” the request.
  • Not receipted – lender did not receipt the request within one business day.

Update Reasons:

  • Bindery – The lender holds the item requested, but it is currently at the bindery and unavailable for loan or copying.
  • Canceled* – The request was canceled by the lender at the borrower’s request.
  • Condition – The material is held, but the physical condition of the volume or issue prohibits lending or copying.
  • Copy limit – The number of pages requested exceeds the copy limit imposed by this institution.
  • Copyright* – The lender has determined that this request is in violation of copyright compliance (l=royalty payments made to copyright clearance center; g=requested under fair use copyright guidelines). This request has retired.
  • Cost* – The lender’s minimum cost to supply the requested item is greater than the maxcost authorized by the borrower. This request has retired.
  • In Process – The material has been received, but is not yet ready for use.
  • In Use – The lender reports the volume/issue was in use and unavailable for loan or copy at the time of the request.
  • Incomplete* – The lender believes that the citation on the request is either incomplete or incorrect. This request has retired.
  • Lacking – The lender holds the title, but is missing the requested issue or volume.
  • License Restriction- The lender’s journal subscription prohibits ILL under the conditions specific to this request. For example, subscription prohibits ILL from the online journal to libraries outside the lender’s country.
  • Lost – The lender declares this title or volume/issue is lost or withdrawn from its collection.
  • Non-circ – The lender holds this item, but reports that it is not available for loan.
  • Not yet received – The title is owned, but lender reports volume/issue has not yet been received.
  • Not on shelf – The lender holds this item, but reports that it was not on the shelf at the time the request was received.
  • On order – The item has been ordered, but has not been received by the library.
  • Other – Request was rejected for a reason other than those listed. Please check with lender.
  • Title not owned – The requested title is not owned by the lending library.

Note: Reasons followed by an asterisk (*) stop a request from further routing. The request is retired unfilled.

For more information see the DOCLINE FAQ, or contact Patricia Devine, your DOCLINE Coordinator for the Pacific NW Region: or 206-543-8275.

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