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Congratulations To Express Outreach Awardees!

The NN/LM Pacific Northwest Region is pleased to announce two new Express Outreach Projects underway by the Northwest Regional Primary Care Association (NWRPCA) and the Multimedia Resources and Training Institute (MMRTI).

Community Health Worker Outreach and Training Program – Northwest Regional Primary Care Association

The goal of this project is to increase Community Health Workers‘ familiarity, understanding and use of online health information resources.  By doing so, Community Health Workers will be able to effectively access resources, thereby bolstering their ability to communicate critical health information to the populations they serve.  The recognized value of Community Health Worker services will increase, which will help them become more fully integrated into the health care delivery system.

The Northwest Regional Primary Care Association (NWRPCA) will develop a community health worker training curriculum for hands-on and webinar classes that will be piloted in Oregon and Washington.  NWRPCA will integrate this program into its training plan, to be offered as a competency-building component of future trainings.  Resources demonstrated will include MedlinePlus, ToxTown, and NIHSeniorHealth.  Preliminary findings from the trainings and subsequent use of online resources will be presented at the Western Migrant Stream Forum, an annual conference produced by NWRPCA that brings together a broad representation of migrant health professionals and advocates for the purposes of education and training, information and resource sharing, coalition building, and policy development. In addtion, NWRPCA will explore the possibility of developing short bilingual video tutorials to be disseminated to Community Health Workers.

African Community Intergenerational Health Communication and Information Project – Multimedia Resources and Training Institute

The goal of this project is to enhance African refugee and immigrant youth and adult community member’s access to and use of National Library of Medicine and related resources for health information.  The Multimedia Resources and Training Institute (MMRTI) will collaborate with existing and new partners such as the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, community coalitions, faith-based and community-based organizations.  These collaborations will facilitate health outreach, education, and training to reach foreign-born African communities.

Video and editing equipment will be purchased to produce media deliverables.  Content will include videotaped health conversations with foreign-born African youth, adults, and providers serving these communities about foreign-born African health issues and related care.  Culturally and linguistically appropriate health information modules on topics such as HIV, AIDS, diabetes, and Hepatitis B will be produced by African youth interns under the supervision of MMRTI staff.  National Library of Medicine information and resources will be integrated into the health information modules and media content.

Congratulations to the Northwest Regional Primary Care Association and the Multimedia Resources and Training Institute on these exciting projects!

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