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More About E-Patients

Hope Leman, Research Information Technologist at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center in Corvallis, Oregon, submitted the following as a comment on our October 27 post E-Patients Rising. I am re-posting it here in order to highlight the great resources Hope suggests for learning more about the e-patient movement. Thanks Hope!

I have been to several conferences recently: Medicine 2.0, Health 2.0, the Connected Health Symposium and e-Patient Connections Conference 2009. At each of those I was privileged to hear e-Patient Dave speak. He is a remarkably incisive thinker on these issues and his keynote at the recent Medicine 2.0 conference (provocatively entitled, “Gimme My Damn Data!”) made a deep and positive impression on the attendees.

The slides can be viewed here:

Dave is a key figure in this movement and he likes medical librarians! (And we like people like that.) He has helped found an important organization, the Society for Participatory Medicine:

which has just released the inaugural issue of its journal (which itself is an interesting development on the Open Access landscape):

I follow Dave on Twitter:

and at his blog:

He is a great speaker. Anyone organizing a conference on medical librarianship, healthcare IT, health content, etc. should ask him to come. He is that good.

The participatory medicine/e-Patient movement is going to transform the American healthcare system in coming years, so thanks for giving us in the medical librarianship field a heads-up on it. Pew does indeed do wonderful work on these matters. I follow Pew’s Susannah Fox on Twitter. She is also a superb speaker and thinker on these issues:

Here are some excellent resources from the analyst, Kevin Kruse (another key player and smart fellow). The video, the e-Patient Revolution is well worth viewing and can be found here:

and his paper, Patients Rising: How to Reach Empowered, Digital Health Consumers can be downloaded for free here:

And here is an up and coming library science student, Myrna E. Morales, to keep an eye on:

She is working on a fascinating project on e-science at Simmons College.

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