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Are You Prepared? Come and Find Out!

On Tuesday, June 9th at 1pm Pacific we will be hosting the first of a series of 10 webinars on Adobe Connect covering the “10 Steps to Service Continuity” as outlined in the NN/LM Emergency Preparedness Plan.  Each month over the next 10 months we will host a session to cover one of the 10 Steps.  On June 9th, Gail Kouame, Regional Coordinator for Emergency Preparedness and Response will lead the discussion and interactive session on Step One: Risk Assessment.

Come find out what your library may be at risk for so that you can better prepare.  Take a quiz and add up your score to see where you stand in terms of area hazards such as earthquakes, volcanoes, rivers, and even construction cranes!

To join the webinar, go to: and login as a Guest using your own name.

Once in the web meeting a pop-up box allows you to put in your phone number and the program will call you. If this does not happen call the 800 number and use the participant code given in the Notes box (lower left-hand corner) on the screen.

You really can”t afford to miss out – mark your calendars for June 9th and for the following sessions led by your State Coordinators for Emergency Preparedness:

  • Tuesday, July 14th at 1pm – Step Two: Protect Yourself, Your Staff and Your Patrons –  led by Laurel Egan in Montana
  • Tuesday, August 11th at 1pm – Step Three: Determine Your Core Services – led by Kathy Murray in Alaska
  • Tuesday, September 8th at 1pm – Step Four: Create Procedures For Remote Access to Core Services – led by Dolores Judkins in Oregon
  • Tuesday, October 13th at 1pm – Step Five: Determine Your Core Electronic Resources – led by Marcia Francis in Idaho
  • Tuesday, November 10th at 1pm – Step Six: Develop a Continuity of Access Plan for Your Essential Electronic Resources – led by Kathy Murray in Alaska
  • Tuesday, December 8th at 1pm – Step Seven: Identify Your Core Print Collection – led by Laurel Egan in Montana
  • Tuesday, January 12th at 1pm – Step Eight: Identify Your Unique Resources – led by Dolores Judkins in Oregon
  • Tuesday, February 9th at 1pm – Step Nine: Proactively Plan for Recovery of Your Unique Resources – led by Bob Pringle in Washington
  • Tuesday, March 9th at 1pm – Step Ten: Know How to Obtain Outside Help – led by Bob Pringle in Washington

By the end of the series, you should feel much better prepared to face an emergency and to have a plan, even if it”s informal, in place!

Questions?  Contact Gail Kouame – gmarie [at]

2 Responses to “Are You Prepared? Come and Find Out!”

  1. Cathy Rayment Says:

    Hi Gail,
    This sounds like an excellent series. Will the webinar allow guests from BC – ie will the programme call a BC long distance number?

    BC Cancer Agency Library

  2. Gail Kouame Says:

    Hi Cathy-

    Thanks so much for your interest. The way these work is that the web conferencing software will call you on your phone. Others from Canada have not had trouble in the past. Will look forward to hearing from you next week!