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The Carnival is Coming to Town!

A blog carnival is periodic roundup of quality blog posts from a particular field of interest. Bloggers take turns hosting the carnival. I am happy to announce that on March 10, the Medlib’s Round blog carnival– a roundup of the month’s best posts from the field of medical librarianship– will be hosted here at Dragonfly.  Keep reading to learn more and to find out how you can participate.

Medlib’s Round is the brainchild of Laika Spoetnik, a medical librarian and blogger in the Netherlands. Here’s how it works:

  • Laika, the organizer, has established the carnival at and is maintaining schedule for where and when the carnival will be hosted.
  • Each month, the host chooses a theme. This month our theme will be “Enhancing access to health information for health professionals and the public.” This also happens to be the goal of the U.S. National Network of Libraries of Medicine, and no, it’s not a coincidence!
  • Members of the community are invited to submit links to quality blog posts matching the theme. This is your invitation. To submit a link, use this form (preferred) or email the host before the deadline. The deadline for this month is March 8.

As your host, I will compile the submitted posts and present them to you with my commentary on March 10. Are you excited about blogging and nominating posts? I hope so! Are you interested in hosting a future edition of Medlib’s Round? Laika would like to hear from you. You will find many options for contacting her on her blog.

Here is the inaugural edition of Medlib’s Round, posted last month.

And here are some other blog carnivals that may interest you:

  • Medical Grand Rounds – “a weekly rotating carnival of the best of the medical blogosphere” (most recent edition here)

I look forward to enjoying the carnival with you next week.

3 Responses to “The Carnival is Coming to Town!”

  1. Gail Kouame Says:

    I was pleased and proud to see that Laika cited some people familiar to us here at PNR! We *are* making an impact here in the Pacific Northwest and people are taking notice. Nice job!

    Now, where’s that ferris wheel?

  2. Hope Leman Says:

    Great, edifying post. Blog carnivals are an easy way to garner way more visibility for individual blog posts than they would otherwise receive and maximize one’s labors. I just participated in one and the experience enabled me to learn about bloggers who post on topics similar to mine (search engines and Science 2.0) and to see my own posts commented upon. We all want to leverage the power of what we have already done, after all. (And what an ego trip to see your own writings featured.) Laika’s blog is superb. She is a real go-getter.

    Good for Alison and Dragonfly for making us a destination of choice for medical librarians and all those interested in Library 2.0 in the medical library sphere.

  3. Alisha Miles Says:

    Thank you for the great explanation! As a newbie to blog carnivals, I really appreciate the detailed explanation of how it works.

    I highly enjoyed Laika’s blog and carnival post. I hope to submit something to you soon for this next round. Thank you for hosting!