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Presentations About Presentations

Are you looking for ways to enhance the visual aids in your face-to-face and online presentations? Here are two great presentations about presentations.

Using Slides Effectively in Communications
by Nancy Duarte, CEO, Duarte Design

Bored with bullet points? Cranky about clip art? Learn how to “pimp your slides” to make them better looking and more effective aids for conveying your message. Nancy Duarte really knows her stuff! Duarte Design worked with Al Gore to develop his presentation for An Inconvenient Truth.

This presentation is the most recent episode in the Northwest Center for Public Health Practice’s Hot Topics in Preparedness series of webcasts. It played to a packed house here at the UW Health Sciences Library and is now available as a recording you can watch from your computer.

See also Duarte’s new book, slide:ology, and her blog of the same name.

Roadmap for Creating a Successful Flash Video
by Kami Griffiths, Lori Pottinger, and Colin Carpenter

This is one of many great resources from TechSoup, an organization dedicated to developing the technological capacity of non-profits. I read about this presentation on the MaintainIT Project blog.

Pottinger and Carpenter work for the International Rivers organization in Berkeley, California. They used Adobe Flash to produce a compelling video using still images, text, and music. The video, We All Live Downstream, was runner up in Tech Soup and Adobe’s Show Your Impact contest last year.

If you are interesting in producing a similar video for your organization, the  presentation and resources linked from this page will help you get started. The first fifteen minutes of the presentation are about how to select images and develop an effective script. In the second fifteen minutes, Carpenter demonstrates the basic mechanics of using Adobe Flash. At about 30 minutes into the presentation, there is a discussion of non-Flash alternatives that can be used to achieve similar effects.

2 Responses to “Presentations About Presentations”

  1. Hope Leman Says:

    Hi, Alison. Very edifying. I was surprised that neither Tech Soup nor the other sites had Twitter buttons. Isn’t it amazing how quickly Twitter buttons have become de rigueur?

    I had never heard of TED before and now know that, “TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design.”

    Thanks for keeping us to speed on all things techie.

  2. Alison Aldrich Says:

    They don’t sport the button, but TechSoup does tweet: