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Word of Mouth Marketing

Interested in low cost marketing?  Check out this free PDF download of “The Word of Mouth Manual” by Dave Balter, the creator of BuzzAgent.  Get people talking with word-mouth-mouth marketing about your library’s products and services!

One Response to “Word of Mouth Marketing”

  1. David Black Says:

    This is a very interesting and insightful look into word of mouth. I never relealised how often it goes on. Since reading this pdf I thought back to all the times people have said to me “go to this restaurant the food is great” or “this shop sells great clothes at cheap prices”. Even today I had someone recommended a website too me that I should really checkout. So it amazed me when you used the following example:

    “I can’t remember any time that I offered or received an opinion about a product or service to or from any other person. Ever. In my life.”

    Maybe she never has which is very “unlikely” but what she needs to realise is people have probably recommended the fragrances she is selling at her company to others. Why is it that some people cut their nose off to spite their face. She was determined to not listen even though it could help massively.

    Reading this has helped in my quest to find ways of improving my online prescence in my particular niche.
    Very good pdf. Many Thanks