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National Medical Librarians Month

October is National Medical Librarians Month! During the month, please visit NLM’s Web pages highlighting medical library projects across the NN/LM regions.

Congratulations to 2 PNR librarians featured for their 2008 library projects: George McAlister at Spokane County Medical Society Library, and Hope Leman at the Murray Memorial Library, Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center in Corvallis, Oregon.

These projects are 2 wonderful examples of the good work being done by libraries in the PNR!

Remember, too– in celebration of National Medical Librarians Month, the RML would like to send a
congratulatory letter to hospital administrators informing them of the invaluable services medical librarians provide.

Read the letter that the RML would like to send to your hospital administrator.

We welcome the opportunity to include a personal paragraph for your library!

If you would like us to mail a letter on NN/LM PNR letterhead with Acting Director Neil Rambo’s signature to your hospital administrator, please click here and fill out the form on SurveyMonkey.

Please respond by Wednesday, October 8, 2008 to be included in our mailing.

Enjoy your month!

2 Responses to “National Medical Librarians Month”

  1. Hope Leman Says:

    Go, PNR! Yay!

  2. Michelle Goodwin Says:

    I just wanted to thank everyone at the NLM for sending out the congratulatory letters. This was a hit at Evergreen. Our administrator received it last week and was delighted with it; in fact, he walked down to my manager’s office where they had a lengthy discussion about library services. Later that morning, my manager read the letter aloud during our weekly staff meeting and asked that I post it in the library for everyone to see.

    Thank you for the the many ways you assist the librarians in our region – your efforts are greatly appreciated!