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Health Literacy Month

Health Literacy Month, celebrated each October, is a time when health literacy advocates around the world promote the importance of understandable health information. Started by Helen Osborne in 1999, this month is a time for all health literacy advocates to let the world know why health literacy matters. There is no right or wrong way to participate.Here are some examples of Health Literacy Month events:

* Health conferences for providers
* Consumer health programs for patients and families
* Websites with understandable health information
* Research about ways to improve health communication
* Easier-to-read health booklets and other teaching materials
* Media attention to health literacy on radio, TV, and the press

The Health Literacy Month website has tools to help. They include:

* Events. A searchable database about recent and upcoming Health Literacy Month events. You can read what others are doing as well as post your own.
* Health Literacy Month resources. These include a free downloadable logo plus other valuable resources to help make your event a great success.
* Free e-newsletter. What’s New in Health Literacy Consulting is a brief monthly e-message with updates about the latest articles, tips, and resources on the Health Literacy Consulting website. From April through October, What’s New also includes information about Health Literacy Month.
* Health Literacy Consulting. Learn how Helen Osborne helps organizations improve health communication.
* Contact Us.

Let the world know why health literacy matters!

To learn more about Health Literacy Month, visit

You can also email Helen Osborne at or call 508-653-1199.

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