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Archive for January, 2007

New Port Scene in Tox Town

Friday, January 26th, 2007

FROM SHIP TO SHORE…TOX TOWN’S NEW PORT SCENE Delivers the Goods on Coastal Environmental Health

What do longshoremen, sunbathers, ship crews, and shrimp lovers have in common? Whether they live on the coast, work in a maritime industry or play on the beach, they can find information about the environment and how it might affect their health at Tox Town’s new Port neighborhood. This imaginary port illustrates drinking water and air quality concerns along with wastewater treatment, shellfish safety, work hazards, sun and surf safety, aquaculture and many other topics. The port also highlights possible locations and descriptions of 26 hazardous chemicals. (more…)

Partners for Health Literacy in Skagit Valley

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

Article by Sue Jacobsen, MLS
Skagit Valley Hospital, Mt. Vernon, WA

The Skagit Valley Health Literacy Project was quickly renamed the GetHELP project for marketing purposes. In this moniker, HELP stands for _H_ealth, _E_ducation, _L_ibrary _P_artnership. GetHELP sought to reach out to the low literate and/or low-income population of health care consumers in Skagit County. The purpose of the project was to improve from a number of different perspectives, the health literacy of this population. Sue Jacobsen, librarian at Skagit Valley Hospital, lead the project. Other partners included public librarians, community college librarians, public health workers and the local senior center. (more…)

Members Begin New Outreach Projects

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

Digital library initiatives for public health workers, multi-cultural information on immunizations, and health literacy activities utilizing Rx Information prescriptions are some of the features of new outreach projects in the Pacific Northwest. Each project will also include training and community development in settings with limited health information expertise. The RML received many excellent proposals in response to Outreach to Underserved Health Professionals and Community Outreach RFPs, issued last summer. (more…)