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An appeal to ILLiad Libraries regarding the DOCLINE Comments field

As many of you know, the transfer of request information from DOCLINE into ILLiad is not always a smooth journey – data turbulence is not uncommon. More specifically, the DOCLINE “Comments” information goes awry in the transfer to the ILLiad “Special Instructions” field: that is, all of the DOCLINE “Comments” data appears in the ILLiad “Special Instructions” on-screen, but truncation occurs when the record is printed out.

This data oversight can be easily remedied by the lender (you!) verifying delivery method requests *before* the Request Form is printed out. To do this:

• Open the “Lending Request Form” in ILLiad
• Check the “Notes” field on the right side of the Form
• View the entire DOCLINE request by clicking anywhere in the white text-box in the upper right-hand corner
• Look at: (scroll below for image)
o “Comments” (near the bottom)
o “Alternate Delivery Method(s)” – since they do not transfer into ILLiad

All of the above should be done in the ILLiad client. This should not take you long in your day-to-day lending, and your borrowers (plus your RML!) will thank you for it – and once again, thank you for helping to foster good lending karma in DOCLINE!

Questions or concerns? Please email Patricia Devine.

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