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LinkOut: Localize PubMed Results for your Library Users

Overheard at the reference desk: “I only want to see results in PubMed that the library has full-text access to – either online or in the library.” Now you can astound and impress your library users with a filter tab personalized to your library. All it takes is a shared My NCBI account and a few minutes of your time.

Before you can do this, your library will have to register for a My NCBI account that will be the “shared” account. We recommend using your library’s LinkOut user name as the User Name for this account.

The new name on the filter tab will appear within 24 hours.

Instructions to set up the library filter tab:

1. Sign in to My NCBI using the shared account.

2. Select Filters in the blue side bar menu.

3. On the Filter Selection page, there is a checkbox labeled Institutions – share My NCBI settings. Click the checkbox.

4. Select PubMed from the list of databases.

5. On the page Filter Selection: grouping search results, select Browse.

6. Select LinkOut.

7. Under the Sub-Categories of Linkout, select Libraries.

8. On this page under Filters in Category Libraries, scroll to find your library and click on it.

9. Under Selections, check both boxes (1. to add a result tab and 2. to add a link icon).

10. Sign out of My NCBI.

11. In order to see the new tab in search results, users must enter PubMed through the following URL:[account username]
(bolding is not necessary)

*If you currently have bookmarks to PubMed, you will need to replace them with the new URL.

Personalize the filter tab with your library’s name: log into the LinkOut Library Submission Utility. Under Library Information, select Edit Identity. Type your library’s name in the Display Name textbox, and select Update Identity.

For more information:

NLM Technical Bulletin: Share My NCBI Settings (August 24, 2005)
LinkOut: Share My NCBI Account Settings
FAQ: Can I activate filter tabs using a special URL?

Please let me know if you have any questions or need assistance. I just tried it myself and I would be happy to help you through the process!

Andrea Ryce

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