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NIH Public Access Update

In the latest SPARC Open Access Newsletter, Peter Suber reports that 340 papers have been submitted to PubMed Central by NIH-funded researchers. Eleven have been completely processed and are online, ready to read. Suber provides links to these articles plus an interesting overview of their characteristics. You’ll also find updates on the NIH Public Access Policy, including this data from the July 11 meeting of the NIH Public Access Working Group of the NLM Board of Regents:

(1) How long were the requested embargoes? Of the articles in the pipeline as of July 11, most (68.3%) authors requested immediate public access. 7.9% requested six month embargoes, and 14.3% requested 12 month embargoes.

(2) How long did it take for grantees to complete the submission process? The largest plurality (48%) completed it in just three minutes. The second largest plurality (19%) completed it in 10 minutes. A total of 84% completed it in 10 minutes or less. Only 8% took longer than 20 minutes.

(3) How long are grantees waiting after publication before submitting their work to PMC? 28% submit to PMC in less than six months, 11% wait from 7 to 12 months, and 21% wait more than a year. (40% of NIH grants have not yet resulted in publication.)

(4) How many submissions should PMC expect if there were 100% compliance? On average over the past two years (May 2003 – March 2005) NIH grants have resulted in 5,500 publications per month or 250 per workday. The current compliance rate (340 submissions in two months) is just 3% of that.

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