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Big News for LinkOut Libraries

LinkOut libraries, you can now use one special PubMed URL to:

* activate your library’s icon for PubMed cites from journals you subscribe to,
* activate your icons for all free full text, and
* SUPPRESS publishers’ icons!

Here’s how:

[Enter your LinkOut User Name instead of “medlib”]
Yes, this means that your library’s users will see your library’s icon for the print or online journals that you subscribe to (and have entered in LinkOut’s Holdings Submission Utility and LinkOut-to-SERHOLD), *and* for all free full-text. And they’ll see no publishers’ icons.

Give it a ty!

You’ll see that for references not available free online which are from journals to which your library doesn’t subscribe, no icons at all will appear, not even the publishers’ icons. [Except for articles in PubMed Central; the PubMed Central icon still will appear.]

NOTE: this also means that you no longer have to enter “holdings” for journals that provide free full text online; using this new version of the special PubMed URL will activate your icon for all free full text without your having to do anything else.

For details, see:

  • Localizing Entrez/PubMed Services with Special URLs Apply Your Library Icon to Citations with Free Full-Text Links
  • Omit Default Icons from PubMed Citations
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