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About Dragonfly

How Dragonfly Got Its Name?

In Native American folklore the dragonfly is the messenger. Our Dragonfly carries news and information to network members and friends in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Our logo was painted by Chholing Taha, a librarian who was on the NN/LM PNR staff. She describes the dragonfly logo:
"The Native use of the beautiful dragonfly can be found in a variety of Tribal art forms across the country. The ovoid design was selected to honor the coastal people. Look to the east, there live the people of the corn who cultivated the land and where the sun rises each morning. To the west live the people of the sea who sustained themselves with gifts of the ocean and where the sun rests each evening. The circle holding these traditions symbolizes the oneness of all peoples and the dragonfly carries the message of peace and inspiration from the spirit realms."

The Redesigned Dragonfly

As of March 31, 2005 Dragonfly has a new look and feel. The new Dragonfly is produced using a content management system software called Word Press. This enables readers to make comments about the articles and announcements that are posted.

Registering To Make A Comment

In order to prevent spam and untoward remarks from appearing in Dragonfly we ask you to register the first time you want to comment. Here are the steps needed to register:

  1. At the end of the article it says "Leave a Reply". Click on the link, logged in , to begin registration.
  2. You are taken to a screen that asks for a Login: and a Password: At the bottom of the screen is a link that says Register. Click it.
  3. In the new screen fill in a login name and your email address and click the Register button.
  4. The next screen tells you that your registration is complete. Leave this screen on you browser and go to your email and make a note of the password Word Press has sent you.
  5. Back at the browser screen click on Login and fill in Login name and Password and click Login.
  6. A profile screen appears and you must give Dragonfly a first and last name as well as your Login or nickname. Go to the bottom of the profile and change your password to one you can remember. Be sure to put it in twice.
  7. Click on the Update Profile button. A page appears that says "Profile Update". At the left-hand top of that page click on the View site>> link.
  8. At the Dragonfly page be sure to refresh/reload your browser to have a comment box appear.
  9. Let us hear from you!

Maryanne Blake is Editor of the Dragonfly